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Golf lessons

To Book a Lesson Please Call JD on 0451 653 178 or email


Monday & Tuesday – Playing Lessons available

Wednesday – Saturday at Sandringham Golf Academy (18-20 Wangara Rd – Sandringham)

Individual Lessons
  • 30 minute lesson – $70.00
  • 1 hour lesson – $130.00

Package Lessons Also Available

  • $350 – 30 minutes package (6 lessons)
  • $650.00 – 1 hours package (6 lessons)
  • Please contact me for tailored package suitable for your golfing goals
Group Sessions
A fun way to learn golf. Learn with your mates and book for a one hour clinic. All standards catered for.

  • 4 people – $30
  • 5+ people – $25
Junior Golf Lessons
  • 30 minute lesson – $45
  • 1 hour – $80

Junior Packages :

  • 30 minute Buy five get six – $225 60
  • minute Buy five get six – $400
JD also runs 3 Junior Golf Clinics
  • Wednesday nights 4pm-5pm $20 per week payable by the school term.
  • Thursday nights 5:30pm-6:30pm $20 per week payable by the school term.
  • Saturday 9am – 1 Hour Junior Clinic $20
  • Saturday 10am – 1 Hour Junior Clinic $20
  • Saturday 11am – Under 7 Class $10
About JD Coulon

My name is Jean-Daniel Coulon better known as JD. My whole life has been about sports, Tennis, AFL, Basketball and anything else I could get my hands on.

Golf has been the one sport for me that has created an obsession and more importantly a LOVE for the game. This is the reason why it became my life and my career.

A game where the mind plays more of a role than the technique, Golf is what I love. Every time you step onto the course a new challenge is in front of you.

I have been very lucky to have learnt from some of the best coaches in the world while working overseas and as a result in 2010 was appointed the National Coach of Indonesia.

My experience has given me the knowledge and the confidence to execute my own simple coaching philosophy.

My job as your golf coach is to educate you about your game, understanding the cause and effect of your golf swing.

Lets create some goals and lets start achieving them.

Sandringham Driving Range
Sandringham Driving Range is in the heart of the Melbourne Sandbelt, was established in 2001.


A friendly and enjoyable learning atmosphere for all levels of golfers, from the beginner to the advanced player.

JDC Golf offer individual golf lessons, group golf lessons, short game, seniors golf lessons, womens golf lessons, junior golf lessons, school golf clinics & school holiday golf programs.

A unique feature of the Sandringham Golf Academy (SGA) is the ability for JDC Golf to teach from a grass tee at the golf range. The large grass tee used exclusively for teaching helps to give a more realistic teaching environment.

For bookings please phone: 0451 653 178. For further details please use our online form to Contact Us.

Golf Lesson – Short Putts
Recently a client of mine wanted to work on his short Putts as he continued to miss many of these shots during his weekly Saturday round of golf.

He arrived for his lesson with 3 Putters and 3 PROV1 Balls. He dropped the balls about 2 putter lengths away from the hole and said
“This is the distance that’s killing me”. He rolled the first putt and as soon as the impact had occurred he yelled “SEE!, I always miss from here”.

I can’t tell you how many putting lessons start like this. The client, has convinced himself that he cant putt from this distance, his backswing tempo looked good but right at the point of contact he would start watching the ball roll and miss the hole.

This was an easy fix, I dropped the 3 balls down and asked him to go through his proper routine for that putt. I then asked, listen for the ball to go in the hole rather than watching it. After rolling in 9 in a row, he was dumbfounded, something so simple has changed his whole technique and tempo through the putt.

While he was watching the ball, his Center of Gravity, balance and head position was derailing the putter head through impact. Less moving parts will equal a better stroke. Play Well!

Golf Lesson – Finish 1.2.3
In my golf lessons, I always work backwards, starting from the finish position and working my way back to setup.

Most golfers think the finish position doesn’t matter, as the ball has already gone. However, your finishing point, is extremely related to the impact. The swing takes less than 0.08 of a second and I can guarantee if your balanced at the finish position, you will have more of a chance of making solid contact.

The next time you play golf, hold your full swing – including your finish position, pitch and chip shot for 3 seconds and you will see a difference with the contact.

Happy Golfing,

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JDC Golf Coaching
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